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Workin’ Dog


I’m totally dating myself, but do you remember this song from Sesame Street?


I usually take off from my front door, which means I usually run with my dog. I’d say my neighborhood is pretty safe, but I definitely feel better with him along. I tried teaching him to run in the heel position right next to me, but that didn’t work too well. He loves being out in front (yeah, I know, don’t let him think he’s in charge), plus that’s what Mr. Awesome prefers. Less chance for getting tangled and tripped up. He does have a point. (Last year I fell when running with the dog. It wasn’t his fault. I was tired and I think I drifted over just a little bit and managed to catch his back leg. Thankfully I stumbled onto someone’s lawn and rolled. The only thing damaged was my shoe, where it bit the sidewalk, and my ego.)


What about you? Solo? Dog? Friends?


Day 1

I created this blog awhile ago. An embarrassingly long time ago, actually.

The idea was I’d blog about getting back into running after the birth of my daughter. The one born 9 1/2 months ago.

Before you go throwing empty Gu packets at me, let me say I *have* been running since she was born. Just not exceptionally consistently. Every time I thought about posting I didn’t. Obviously. I figured I should wait until I was a consistent groove first. Aaaaand then the light bulb clicked on, partially thanks to a book I requested (and got) for Christmas. If you haven’t read Run Like a Mother, you should. I’m only on chapter 5, but I’m telling you, you should. Go visit them.¬†And then come back here.

Anyway, the light bulb went on. Accountability has always been a motivator for me. It is waaaaay too easy for me to bag a run if no one else knows I was planning on going. So. Here I am. Accountable to the interwebs.

Oh, my other excuse for not posting before this was that I don’t have a cool header yet. Apparently I am good at coming up with excuses. That sounds worse than it is. I hope.

So tonight, once Mr. Awesome gets home, the dog and I are heading out for a short run. We’ll head out too fast (dog = ENERGY), I’ll wonder what the heck I was thinking, and then we’ll come home.


What about you? Running today? What’s the lamest excuse you’ve come up with to bag a run?