Day 1

I created this blog awhile ago. An embarrassingly long time ago, actually.

The idea was I’d blog about getting back into running after the birth of my daughter. The one born 9 1/2 months ago.

Before you go throwing empty Gu packets at me, let me say I *have* been running since she was born. Just not exceptionally consistently. Every time I thought about posting I didn’t. Obviously. I figured I should wait until I was a consistent groove first. Aaaaand then the light bulb clicked on, partially thanks to a book I requested (and got) for Christmas. If you haven’t read Run Like a Mother, you should. I’m only on chapter 5, but I’m telling you, you should. Go visit them. And then come back here.

Anyway, the light bulb went on. Accountability has always been a motivator for me. It is waaaaay too easy for me to bag a run if no one else knows I was planning on going. So. Here I am. Accountable to the interwebs.

Oh, my other excuse for not posting before this was that I don’t have a cool header yet. Apparently I am good at coming up with excuses. That sounds worse than it is. I hope.

So tonight, once Mr. Awesome gets home, the dog and I are heading out for a short run. We’ll head out too fast (dog = ENERGY), I’ll wonder what the heck I was thinking, and then we’ll come home.


What about you? Running today? What’s the lamest excuse you’ve come up with to bag a run?


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