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Fine, just fine.

My week started with a bout of the stomach flu. Good times. Thankfully neither Mr. Awesome nor the baby got it. I got exactly one run in this week, but today’s 6.5 wasn’t bad.


Halfway through I sang (to myself) ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’…you know, “whoa, we’re halfway there…” and that morphed into Magic Carpet Ride, which was hella better than what previously had been stuck in my head.





I hesitate to even write this…it’s like when you say you’re going to trade your car in and suddenly everything starts breaking…but just before I got pregnant I developed a stress fracture. 


This morning I felt the tiniest little twinge in the same spot. 


Right now I’m having a glass of calcium-fortified OJ that I further fortified with a calcium & magnesium supplement.


Fingers crossed.