Day 1

of summer break.


All you people who insist teachers have it easy and don’t deserve a few weeks off in the summer? Give it a shot sometime.

But this really isn’t about teaching or the crappy things people say to and about teachers. 


What it *is* about is that this morning I went for a run with a good friend who is struggling through Couch to 5K. Struggling with finding the right shoes, with needing to jack around with the insoles, with needing to lose weight, with feeling like death on a cracker while she’s running. Even with all that she is not giving up. Hooray for her!


The other thing is I convinced another friend to register for a 10K this fall. I told her I’d write her training plan. The first draft is done…I need to tweak it just a bit. I’d like to give her more time to get comfortable with a 6+ mile long run.


My running? Uh…could we talk about something else?


I’m planning on going to the running club meeting tonight, so that’s something.


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