Trying This On

I started this as a running-related blog. Except…I’m not especially consistent with running. And I’m not really a writer. So this might turn into something more broad that features running when I actually do that.


I’m going to unpack that ‘not really a writer’ bit a little. I say that primarily because I am not driven to write. (My husband gets up at 4am 5 or 6 days a week to write. I…do not.) Secondary to that is I don’t think anyone *really* wants to know what I think about *everything*. (Except said husband. And I can just tell him with words from my face.) Third on the list is I prefer action to talk. That sounds way more James Bond than it is. But really. Are you going to talk about doing the thing or are you going to do the thing? I prefer to do the thing. (Related: I am bad at having feelings.)


Lately I’ve been finding myself thinking thoughts about things and I figured I’d give this another shot. I didn’t want to post on my craft-related blog because I like the purity of focus over there. I thought about starting a new blog but decided this one would be a fine platform, particularly if I fold in bits about running. Even though the address is very specifically running-related, it applies to life too. There are no junk miles. The small interactions matter.


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