I run in Brooks Adrenalines but just bought myself a pair of Vibram Bikilas. Whaaaat? You’re going from stability to minimal? Yes. Sort of. I’m not past the wearing them around the house phase. Mostly I wanted to experiment and see if I could run in minimalist shoes because I think the Brooks Pure shoes are sexxxxxxy.

I’m not posting my times. Mostly because I don’t care that much. Let’s just say I’d love to run a sub 2:00 half some day and leave it at that. That’s unattainably fast for some of you and dreadfully slow for others. And that’s fine.

Married to Mr. Awesome. (I’m not being sarcastic. He’s seriously that great.) The Peanut was born in March 2012 and she’s the coolest ever.

Edit: So I apparently lied about not posting about my times. I sort of did in this post. Sorry about that.


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