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New Kicks and New Paces

My shoes, while not yet ready to retire, definitely won’t make it to the race without another pair with which to rotate. Today was my first run in my brand spankin’ new Brooks Adrenaline 13s, and I have to say, I kind of love them. I still love my 11s, and the 13s feel great as well. There’s always that moment of hesitation with a new model when you hope they haven’t screwed up what’s been working for you.

I’ve intentionally not posted anything about my pace(s) because I think that can be off-putting. When I’ve read blog posts or articles written by super speedy people who scoff at what, for them, is a slow run and for me is damn near impossible, I lose a little (or a lot) of whatever connectedness I may have felt.

Not that anyone would think I am super speedy.

When I started training for this race I had a super secret goal to come in under 2:14:59. (That’s an average pace of 10:18/mile.) All my runs, long ones included, have been more like 9:45ish, depending. On a great day I cruise along around 9:15 – 9:30. Well, a 9:45/mile pace is going to bring me in just under 2:08:00. (9:30 pace = 2:04:32) I don’t know that I’ll be able to hang onto that pace for a whole 13 miles (don’t forget the .1 – the .1 will get you every time), but I think an average of 9:45 is very do-able. So. My new goal for this race is 2:07:59. Not completely reckless, but not conservative, either.