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Day 1

of summer break.


All you people who insist teachers have it easy and don’t deserve a few weeks off in the summer? Give it a shot sometime.

But this really isn’t about teaching or the crappy things people say to and about teachers. 


What it *is* about is that this morning I went for a run with a good friend who is struggling through Couch to 5K. Struggling with finding the right shoes, with needing to jack around with the insoles, with needing to lose weight, with feeling like death on a cracker while she’s running. Even with all that she is not giving up. Hooray for her!


The other thing is I convinced another friend to register for a 10K this fall. I told her I’d write her training plan. The first draft is done…I need to tweak it just a bit. I’d like to give her more time to get comfortable with a 6+ mile long run.


My running? Uh…could we talk about something else?


I’m planning on going to the running club meeting tonight, so that’s something.


rattling around

The 3 weeks since the race haven’t exactly been stellar, running-wise. (Otherwise they’ve been just fine.)

But, whatever.

Today I ran three QUICK miles with the dog. Both of us were itching to run, I guess.

I don’t typically focus on one thought while I’m running. It’s a shame, since it’s a nice chunk of uninterrupted time. But that’s just not how my brain works. Instead I tend to hop from lily pad to lily pad, thinking about all manner of things. Today, though, a good bit of my run was spent thinking about getting certified as a running coach.

I’ve been mulling the idea over for a little while. Mr. Awesome is supportive and I think there’s a need for a regular person sort of coach. I did a little research via The Google and all of the coaches’ sites I looked at were pretty intimidating to little ol’ me. These people are serious, hardcore, elite athletes. Me, on the other hand? Will probably never win anything.

Over the last few years I’ve discovered I have a passion for helping people become runners. Those are the people I want to coach and those are the people who I think are intimidated by the 4% bodyfat (also not me – ha!), super speedy runners.

At this point I think I need to (a)pay my running club dues and then (b)convince the running club to host a RRCA certification course.

one week out

Monday, running club…um, no. My legs weren’t sore, but they sure were tired.


Wednesday, running club…walked a mile and a half, ran a mile.


Saturday, different running club…ran 6. In some ways it was incredibly easy (less than half the distance of last weekend’s race) and in others it was incredibly difficult (did I suddenly forget how to breathe?). I found myself puzzled about the difficult parts. Why do my legs feel tired? Why is my brain fighting this? Why am I so tired?

But since it was a casual Saturday run and not a race, I have the luxury of running just to run. 


Also…a bit of the post-race blues. I like the structure of training; I like having runs on the calendar. It’s nice to take a bit of a breather, but if I don’t sketch out at least a rough plan, I’ll start to feel adrift. 




The weather was freaking perfect. It was cold and breezy before the start so I’m glad I had my jacket, but I ditched it pretty early. 


Miles 1 & 2 – Huh. This kind of blows. My legs are tight and, um, 13 miles? Really?

a bunch of miles in the middle – I feel ok. I’m not convinced I can do this, but let’s just take it one step at a time.

Mile 10 – I’m done. Seriously. Can I stop? I’m never doing this again. (Except I know that isn’t true.)

Mile 11 – Well, I got here. 2 more to go. That seems like a really long way. Wait…2 more…I have just under 20 minutes until my goal time…uh…this could be alright.

Mile 12 – DAMMIT my feet hurt. One. More. Mile.

Mile 13 – Let’s GO.

last pre-race LR

Last week’s 11 miler was tough for two reasons.

1. The weather kind of sucked and the last .5 was into a pretty significant headwind.

2. We went out waaaaay too fast and kind of died toward the end.


This week we did better with pacing – it was much more consistent – it just wasn’t as fast as it needed to be to hit my goal time. (Which, for the record, I will not be crushed if I come in slower than I’d like. My primary goal is to cross the finish line with a smile on my face.) With the imminent arrival of Aunt Flo and the fact that I didn’t get enough sleep, drink enough water, or eat enough carbs last night/yesterday, I’ll take it.


It is a good feeling (OK, I’m lying. It’s a GREAT feeling.) to be sitting on my couch, drinking coffee, warm and cozy (and clean) and knowing I ran TWELVE MILES this morning. I’ll run a couple times this week with the running club, run 8 next Saturday, a couple more days the week after, then it’s race day. Soooo close.


Right around Christmas is when I started playing with the idea of doing a spring half. My previous two have been fall races and I wanted to see what training through the winter would be like. (Verdict: I much prefer it to training through the summer.) I also wanted to do a race before I get pregnant again. I knew jumping into a training plan after not really running much for the previous 18 months was a fairly bad idea, especially for the injury-prone (ahem, me), but…but. I felt like I needed to train and run a half. Fortunately for me Mr. Awesome lives up to his name. Fortunately for me my dad is a saint. (Except he’s not Catholic. Or dead.) That whole thing about how it takes a village? True.


I really don’t know what to say about what happened in Boston today.


The people I know personally who are there are all ok, and of course I’m thankful for that, but that’s really not the point. There are a whole bunch of other people who are not ok, and that makes me very, very sad.


Even if what to say is not among them, there are a few things I know:

-Runners are the best lot out there. I don’t know what my point is, really. Just that runners are, by and large, above-average human beings.

-I found out about what happened the minute before I went out for a run with my students. Yes, I will still encourage every last one of them to keep running.

-I will keep running.

Still here

It’s been busy lately, but I’ve been getting the miles in, mostly.


Because of a packed weekend schedule I couldn’t do my long run Saturday or Sunday, so I did it Friday after work. 8 miles after a week of 5 – 11 year olds? Bring it on.