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14 weeks out

So the race is in 14 weeks. 


I guess I could look at it this way: 14 weeks from right this second I’ll have finished my third half marathon.


4 miles this morning, including 2 with the dog. I dropped him off after the first 2. He seemed to be favoring his hind legs just a bit…it’s possible he had a little salt between his pads and it’s possible it was just too cold for his tootsies. Speaking of, it was dang cold this morning. 12 degrees when I set out, with a windchill of 0. But I dressed sensibly and really wasn’t uncomfortable. I’ve also noticed that since the baby was born my default temperature seems to be on the warm side.


My hips are tight…an early sign to stretch more, for sure. Also the chiropractor said my right leg was 1 3/4″ shorter than my left. So there’s that. 


And that’s really all there is for now.


How does he KNOW?

I get dressed every day of my life. Almost. (What, you’ve never spent a day in your jammies?)


And somehow the dog knows when I’m getting dressed in running clothes. Usually we let him out if we’re going to get dressed to run, but with as cold as it is, we can’t leave him out there very long. (He’s got practically no fat and very short hair.) Once he realizes I’m pulling on tights, he loses his beans and is crazy until we get out the door.


I wish I was always that excited about going for a run.